Integrating Fanplayr with your VTEX IO store is a seamless process. Simply execute the following command while connected to your VTEX IO store:

vtex install fanplayr.fanplayr-pixel@1.4.2


Admin Section Setup

  1. Navigate to the Admin section.

  2. Go to User Settings.

  3. Click on Apps.

  4. Select My Apps.

  5. Find Fanplayr.

  6. Click on Settings

Account Key and Custom Loader Setup

In the Fanplayr Settings, set up the account key and custom loader provided by Fanplayr.

Service Worker To enable the service worker to utilize Web Push Notifications, navigate to the app configuration page and toggle the corresponding setting. Additionally, ensure to deactivate the native service worker as per the instructions provided in this guide:


Legacy VTEX checkout

If your checkout pages are under the legacy VTEX system, please refer to the VTEX integration documentation at this link:


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