Configuration template

The following customization JavaScript can be added to your store to dynamically configure the Fanplayr extension. This can be useful if you support multiple stores with a single Magento installation or have a non-default installation.

This script should be customized as needed and can be added to your store under System / Configuration / Design / HTML Head / Miscellaneous Scripts.

(function(w) {
  var fanplayr = w.fanplayr = w.fanplayr || { _i:[] };
  var config = fanplayr.custom = fanplayr.custom || {};
   * Override the domain that Fanplayr associates with your
   * tracking calls. By default Fanplayr will use the domain that is
   * accessed in the browser url.
  // config.storeDomain = '';
   * Override the account key used for tracking calls.
   * This can be used to dynamically change account keys if you manage
   * multiple stores with a single Magento installation.
  // config.accountKey = 'xxx';

    * Overrides the url which Fanplayr uses to apply an offer code to the cart.
  // config.applyToCartUrl = '...';



The domain that Fanplayr links to the campaign domain. An example of using this is to have different campaigns, on the same account, running on a single store for different languages.


The URL that is used to call the Fanplayr controller. For example, if you set it to "//" the controller will be called as ""//";


The Account Key that this store is linked to. Through store configuration you can only link to a single account. If you need to link to more, set this to the Account Key needed.


Can be used to override the Apply To Cart URL. This may be needed when you use multiple store domains, especially to keep a user in the same language or region of your site.


Can be used to override the Deputize URL. This is generally not needed, except in circumstances where user sessions are stored on a Website, Store or Store View only basis.

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