Getting Started

Download extension

Download our latest extension to your computer:

Install extension

Navigate to System / Magento Connect / Magento Connect Manager within the Magento Admin Panel.

Use the Direct package file upload section to select and upload the extension archive.

At the bottom of the page you should see a status showing that the extension was successfully installed. The output will be similar to:

Package installed:
 community Fanplayr 1.0.81
Cleaning cache
Cache cleaned successfully

Click the Refresh button at the bottom of the page.

You should now see that the extension is installed:

Configure extension

Navigate to System / Configuration within the Magento Admin Panel.

Click the Fanplayr Conversions link in the left-hand menu.

If you see an error the first time you view the Fanplayr Conversions page, try logging out of the Magento Admin Panel and logging back in.

Enter your Account Key which you received from our Customer Success team and click Save:

Additional configuration options are available, see Configuration.

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