The integration of Fanplayr into your Volusion store is straightforward. It involves inserting JavaScript code similar to many other services such as Google Analytics. The scripts are used to track, capture and analyze user behavior, as well as monitor and analyze conversions.

Note: All information is sent over SSL (secure HTTPS connection) to the Fanplayr servers.

To add these scripts you will need access to your Volusion administration console, including access to your conversion scripts and template files.

Also note that your template needs to include jQuery (many already do).

Session Coupons

To make sure we do not interfere with any of your other analytics packages, session coupons need an “endpoint” on your site. This is done by creating an “article”, and then giving us the ID of this article. Details as follows.

Go to Design / Site Content

Now click the Affiliate System link

Click the “+ Add” button

And create a new Category with the name “Fanplayr” and Category Type “Other”. Also set the Category Order to “500”.

Click “Save”.

Go back to Design / Site Content. Now click the “View List” button at the top right.

And then the “+ Add” button at the top left (this lets you create an article).

Now create an article with the following details. Article Title and Article Caption as “Fanplayr Internal”. Set Category ID as the Fanplayr category we created earlier.

Click “Save”.

Go back to Design / Site Content. Go to the “Other” article group.

The ID that shows here (“251” in the image below) is the ID that you will need as your “deputization_article_id”.

Track Users

User tracking code must be inserted into the template file you are currently using. The easiest way to edit templates is online. Click on Design / Template (center top).

Click the Design / Template link

And then click on the Edit HTML link next for the active template.

You now need to insert the Fanplayr script tag in the <head> section of your template just before the closing </head> tag, click save, and you’re done!

<script src="https://cdn.fanplayr.com/customers/volusion/volusion.min.js?ak=ACCOUNT_KEY&a=DEPUTIZATION_ARTICLE_ID"></script>

Simply replace ACCOUNT_KEY and DEPUTIZATION_ARTICLE_ID with the Account Key supplied by Fanplayr and the Article ID you just created above.


To add coupons click on Marketing / Coupons / Discounts.

And then click the Add button.

Note: You must set the discount name as well as the coupon code. The discount name must be set to the coupon code itself. If you want a description for your coupon simply add a colon after the code. For example:

  • Coupon Code: “ABC”

  • Discount Name: “ABC: 10% off minimum $100”

If you are using session coupons, this display of the coupon code will be replaced by the session code.

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