Data Residency


Fanplayr provides configurable data residency in order to comply with regional regulations and to protect the privacy of our customers and their end users. All data collected on your (our customers) behalf is stored in the location as configured at the time you create your account. Technical design and operational processes are designed around ensuring that the data is stored within the boundaries of geographic location as chosen by our customers.


Fanplayr supports guaranteed data residency in the following locations:

  • EU (Data centers within member states of the European Union)

  • US (Data centers in the United States)

  • Belgium

  • Delhi

  • Finland

  • Frankfurt

  • Hong Kong

  • Jakarta

  • London

  • Melbourne

  • Mumbai

  • Netherlands

  • Osaka

  • Soul

  • Singapore

  • Sydney

  • Taiwan

  • Tokyo

  • Warsaw

  • Zürich

Key Points

  • Customers have the option to choose a location of their choice to store all data collected and inferred

  • All traffic from an end user's current location is routed to one of Fanplayr's Regional Clusters using Latency Based Routing

  • Software Defined Storage Routing enables the data to be stored in the configured location

  • All analytics and system access to the data is fully automated to use the customer’s choice of data location

  • Customers can choose to configure data storage using a Multi-Region setup such as EU or US, or specific locations from the list above

  • The configured data residency location can be seen in the 'Account' section of the Fanplayr Portal

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